In Bluffton tow truck slaying, bail hearing set (update: bond denied, more details)

Update January 29, more details: Numerous reports are out about yesterday's bond hearing for the accused Preston Oates.

Key points of interest were when 14th Judicial Circuit Solicitor Duffie Stone said, "I have no doubt this defendant is a danger to the community," and Stone pointing out Oate's defendant's casual demeanor being an issue of concern. 

For reporting on this one I'll point you to WSAV's solid video report and Bluffton Today's written reportThe Island Packet and WTOC also have reports.

Also note that the next big date is February 24 when a grand jury will convene to decide whether or no Oates should proceed to trial. 

Update January 28, bond denied: Both WSAV and The Island Packet are reporting that Oates' bond request was denied this morning.

The Island Packet has a brief breaking news items up on its site here.

We'll update with fuller stories as we see them.

Reported January 27: The bond hearing for Preston Oates in the tragic Christmas Eve shooting of Carlos Alberto Olivera has been set for Friday, January 28.

Bluffton Today has the latest report about what's up; take a read here.

Oates has been in jail since his arrest on December 27 and has been awaiting the hearing on a possible bail.

If you're just walking into the story about Olivera being shot six times, head to our topic page to get all the info you need.

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