As case of Christmas Eve shooting expands, so do public details and rifts

Yesterday, December 28, Preston Oates, 27, faced a bail hearing for the charge of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime — it was a moment that offered more light on the murky chain of events that lead to the death of Carlos Alberto Olivera as Oates booted a car and handguns displayed.

[If you need to catch up on the incident, read this report.]

Ultimately Oates would receive a bail of $50,000 for that charge but he'll have to stay at the jail until at least late January as he awaits a bail hearing on the charge of manslaughter.  

WSAV was at the bail hearing for the deadly weapon charge and has video from the hearing and shaken family; take a gander here.

Meanwhile The Island Packet has expanded their reporting and has information on where the six bullets from Oates' gun were fired into Olivera and the paper chatted with a neighbor about how the night unfolded from a third party perspective. It also looks likely that a neighbor's security camera captured at least part of the incident.

Read the paper's report here.

It also seems there's a growing rift between the developer, IMC Resort Services, and the Homeowners Association of Edgefield over the incident and, likely, who's responsible for the hiring of ProTow. It could be a prelude to preparations of a civil suit over the incident. 

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