Federal case against Beaufort County's Elizabeth Smith moving again (updated: appears in court)

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Update April 8: Elizabeth Smith appeared in a federal court in charleston to officially enter her guilty plea.

There are few reports out there describing the scene at the courthouse April 7; The Island Packet's being the most notable. Read it here

Update March 2, evening:

An updated report from The Island Packet has a few more details about the plea deal and penalties; read it here.

Update March 2: Smith has enter a guilty plea in the federal case.

She now likely faces a sentence of up to 10 years — I haven't had any luck tracking down a full report and will point you to the Associated Press brief.

With this case coming to a conclusion, expect Janice Young's case of alleged wrongful termination to come into the foreground.

Updated February 22: The Associated Press has a report today that former Clerk of Court Elizabeth Smith has had her law license revoked.

Read the AP report here and you can read the state Supreme Court's ruling in this PDF from page 55 to 57.

Evening update: It's not notable for new information but report coming out of The Island Packet is a more coherent total picture; read it here.

Reported February 21: Federal charges against Beaufort County Clerk of Court, Elizabeth Smith, are once again progressing.

There's been quite a lot of coverage on this since Smith was found guilty of embezzlement and misconduct last September on state charges — read that past coverage here and read about the latest updates with the federal case over a The Island Packet.

Smith is scheduled to appear in a federal courtroom March 1 to declare whether she is ready to formally start the process of facing charges.

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