Former Beaufort County clerk sentenced to house arrest on embezzlement charges (Update: Early end)

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Update October 10: Elizabeth Smith's federal probation has come to an early end, although it will be another year before her state probation is up for an early end.

Update September 28: Just a little more than a year after Elizabeth Smith's sentencing in a misuse of funds, a request is coming to an early end of her two year probation supervision.

Update September 23, 2011: While sentencing guidelines recommended a short jail sentence, federal District Judge Sol Blatt was swayed by Smith's partial repayment of the $338,500 and matters in her personal life.

So Blatt instead sentenced Smith to six months of home confinement and two years of probation.

Multiple reports abound but The Island Packet's is best among them; take a read here.

First reporting July 24; Updated throughout September 16: In the ongoing saga of former Beaufort County Clerk of Court Elizabeth Smith, who pled guilty to federal embezzlement charges, it now seems that prosecutors will recommend jail time.

And Smith is due to be sentenced next week; I'll point you to The Island Packet's report on what's up for the latest.

A federal indictment on allegations of diverting $338,500 in federal child support money came just one day after Smith was found guilty on charges of embezzlement and one charge of misconduct.

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