Don't be jealous, Beaufort, but Ty is seeing someone else

Flickr user shootsnikon

This isn't a big deal, but we found it interesting enough to mention that Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition crew actually work two projects at the same time. 

You see Ty actually is splitting his time between Beaufort and a site in Brevard County, Fla. That project is being called Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Space Coast.

Yes that's right, Ty isn't spending all of his time in Beaufort. You've duped us again, television.

All kidding aside, it's indeed interesting to see how this works. 

While the two projects don't exactly overlap, the Florida house will have its big unveil tomorrow, Ty's time has indeed been split between here and the other site.

In case you're interested, here's the bio info for the Hurston family, which was chosen for the Florida makeover.