With spring fast approaching, Beaufort yields high pollen counts

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Most of the pollen of late is due to trees and not flowers — but you get the idea.

Pollen levels in Beaufort County have remained consistently high this year, according to data gathered by both Pollen.com and Weather.com.

Only once in the past thirty days has the pollen count decreased below the 9.7 level weather experts refer to as "high," with March's levels projected to reach past the 10s.

Pollen count scales range from 0 to 12, and are broken into the following categories: Low: 0-2.4, Low-Medium: 2.5-4.8, Medium: 4.9-7.2, High-Medium: 7.3-9.6, High: 9.7-12.0. Pollen counts are used to contribute to a variety of other findings, some of which include the diagnoses of health problems, greater accuracy weather predictions, and crop yields.

You can check out the full pollen count table here.

For more information about the weather or Beaufort's pollen counts, head over to our weather topic page.

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