Port Royal's Taco Burger closes shop (update: Now David's Crab House)

Farewell, Taco Burger

Updated August 9: According to a sign posted the spot that once was Taco Burger now will be David's Crab House.

That's all we know right now.

We'll keep you posted.

Reported June 15: It wasn't much more than a shed of a restaurant, but Taco Burger made some surprisingly decent Mexican food and some excellent guacamole´╗┐.

But the shop that occupied a small space on Ribaut Road for more than five years now is shut.

A few restaurants called that little spot home over the years, but Taco Burger, which is owned by the same family that owns the San Jose franchise, certainly had the most staying power.

But alas it's closed now. We'll see what comes next.


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