From just south of here: Thousands of dead fish near Savannah (update: Columnaris, 30,000 dead)

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Update June 28: While the cause of the die off is largely know (see prior update), officials are still perplexed about what the trigger was and the magnitude of the incident.

In a span of some 70 miles an estimated 30,000 fish perished.

WSAV has a solid update on the scope of the damage and The Savannah Morning News has a nice report that looks back at whole crazy incident.

If you want to go digging in facts for yourself, check out the EPA's findings.

Update May 28: The mystery has been partially solved with the blame assigned to the bacteria Columnaris.

But the remaining question is what caused the bacteria to bloom?

On the upside, while folks are still being told to not eat any fish, officials say it should be OK to swim in the river now.

For details on what's up check out this video report at WTOC 11, and for more info on Columnaris, check out this Wikipedia page.

First reporting: Down at the Ogeechee River that feeds into waters just south of Savannah (and thankfully stays plenty clear of Beaufort's riverbeds), there's much concern over an unknown source wreaking havoc on the river's inhabitants. 

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division has closed the river, advising against swimming or fishing until the cause of kill can be found.

And there are reports that alligators are now turning up dead, too.

I'll shoot you over to The Savannah Morning News for a rundown on the situation; read their report here.

We'll keep you updated once the mystery is unraveled.

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