Ogeechee River mystery back after swimmers get blisters (Update: Blame, repairs)

Flickr user Marion Doss

Update September 22: The Georgia Environmental Protection Department is casting the blame for the incidents on King America Finishing and the company has agreed to spend $1 million to repair the river.

I'll point you to WSAV's report.

First reporting September 21: Remember news from earlier this summer that the Ogeechee River (which feeds into waters just south of Savannah) fell victim to an unknown contaminant that wreaked havoc on the river's inhabitants, with fish and alligators turning up dead?

Well the story abated for several months and officials re-opened the river, but — as you have undoubtedly guessed from the headline — the situation has once again soured after swimmers noticed blisters and redness after a visit in the river. 

Right now the speculation is on chemicals being flushed into the river by nearby companies.

I'll point you to WSAV's report for the rundown, and if you'd like to stay tunned to the blow-by-blow of this then sync up with the Ogeechee Riverkeeper.

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