Congrats, Hilton Head, you're one of the 'drunkest cities in America'

Hilton Head Island is the eighth drunkest 'city' in America, according to a study recently released by the World Health Organization and reported here on

The reporting of the study doesn't pull any punches when talking about the Palmetto State:

Given all the madness that takes place in the world of politics in South Carolina – from its former Governor, who went AWOL with his mistress, to Alvin Greene, the unemployed senatorial candidate – it’s perhaps no surprise that some residents here would need a drink once in a while just to make sense of it all.

The study's rankings are based on the number of heavy and binge drinkers in a community. We of course won't hold it against the study and reporting that Hilton Head is indeed a town and not a city.

Not to be left out of the fun, Columbia was named the 13th drunkest city in America in a 2010 report by Men's Health. You can view that here.

That study actually had a few more criteria, including the number of DUI-related deaths.

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