As Savannah grapples with West Nile, Beaufort stays clean as peak approaches


While Savannah has seen many mosquitos come up positive for the West Nile virus, South Carolina has remained almost entirely clean

Blame it on a statical aberration, blame it on population density, blame it on differing testing methods, blame it on Savannah being older with more places for mosquitoes to breed, but we'll blame it on some good old fashion good luck.

(Check out the West Nile tips, info, and symptoms over here.)

But the Palmetto State hasn't been 100% free, just one mosquito has come up positive (Orangeburg in late July).

Going back all the way to 2002, that's one of the slowest starts to a season on record

However we're not out of the woods yet as peak season usually comes in September and trails to the end of October. So count your blessing and an ounce of precaution never hurt.

You can keep track of the cases and testing over at the SCDHEC website.

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