Misspelled Beaufort road sign gives Allison Road residents a chuckle (update: R-E-P-L-A-C-E-D)

Thank you, Eric H. Doss, for the photo

Updated July 27: Well SCDOT never got back to us regarding the misspelled Allison Road sign, but we know they heard about it. You know how we know? Because there's a new sign up there today. (see below)

This definitely has been one of our favorite stories, and it's nice to see it all come to a resolution.


Updated July 5: So you may recall that we told you we emailed SCDOT regarding the misspelled Allison Road sign.

While we haven't yet received a response, we did notice that the "Allsion" sign has been removed, and now it's just a traffic signal without any nameplate (see image below.)

We're assuming a new sign will be on its way shortly. Let's hope this one is run through spellcheck.


Reported June 22: File this one under embarrassing.

A new sign up on Ribaut Road warning drivers of a stop light at Allison Road may actually cause more issues than it prevents. That's because the sign misspells Allison, instead offering up an SCDOT alternative of "Allsion."

We shot an email over to SCDOT to ask if they have any intention of changing the sign, and how much it would cost to do so.

We'll see what we get back. 

Several had mentiond the sign to us in passing, but we noticed the photo making the rounds on Facebook today.

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