What's with the smokey day in Beaufort? (update: prescribed burns?)

Updated 10 p.m. April 13: Word is the smoke we all saw today was the result of some prescribed burns undertaken by DHEC.

We're waiting to see a press release from DHEC, but here's their website page describing prescribed burns.

Reported April 13: We've seen a couple of people online asking what's with all the smoke in the air throughout northern Beaufort County this afternoon?

Well we wish we had an answer for you, but we don't.

According to Patrick Donohue of The Beaufort Gazette, the Lady's Island fire department hasn't been working any calls and doesn't know of anything.

And the Beaufort Police Department says: 

The fire department has checked three different locations in the area and can't find anything, it seems to be a mystery at this point.

Wish we had more info for you, but unfortunately that's all we have right now.

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