Wi-Fi, a pier, open space: Details emerge in new Hilton Head waterfront park

Flickr user joits
The current land is mall-focused and would be reprovisioned with more park access, more river access, and even living spaces.

Planning for the rebirth of the Mall at Shelter Cover on Hilton Head has so far been going swimmingly, with town reviewers applauding the repurposing of the land for more park access, more river access, and even living spaces.

And at a conceptual review of elements for the park in the $46 million remake, the story has been little different, with reviewers nodding on the pier, park, community space, and swings. 

The Island Packet has the details you want (read them here) and be sure to check out the conceptual plan for the park.

And note the Wi-Fi access portion of the plan, it doesn't say "free" but still, nice. 

The mall was sold at a low price back in September, 2011, to a Kroger subsidiary.