Port of Port Royal re-listed for sale while still under potential contract

Flickr user Army Corps of Engineers

Update: Frustrations are growing.

The third deal to near closing for the sale of the Port of Port Royal continues to look more prone to coming apart.

Last month the the Port Royal Redevelopment GroupĀ acquired a third extension to close on the Port of Port Royal deal, that time for 60 days -- leaving about 30 days left on the clock

However the requested third extension of the would-be $17 million deal must have lit more concern from property holder, the S.C. Ports Authority, as the group has now re-listed the property for sale.

The Island Packet offers some reporting on the development; take a read here.

What's unknown is if the Ports Authority is truly getting the game started again should the deal fall apart, or if the Authority is using it as tactic to light a fire under the Redevelopment Group.