Beaufort Mayor Billy K calls for an end to the mistrust

Flickr user Beaufort's TheDigitel

In his most recent weekly blog post, Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling calls for an "end to the mistrust that is brewing."

Specifically, Keyserling references the lack of City Council representation on the Redevelopment Commission and ongoing parking concerns as issues he and the Council must resolve.

Here's what Keyserling writes, in part, before getting into the specific issues:

For government to work effectively, civil discourse, honesty and transparency are a must. Otherwise, mistrust brews and it becomes even more difficult to govern and achieve change as may be required by the times.

While it may not be proudest moment for anyone in public service to acknowledge that he or she made mistakes, if mistakes, or even missteps, are not acknowledged and fixed, then problems persist and mistrust brews.

Read Keyserling's full blog over on his website.

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