Lowcounty Economic Network: Enough already, we've brought plenty of jobs

Flickr user mark sebastian
The network says they've brought more cubicle paradises like this to the Lowcountry than you realize.

You don't have to read too far into an Internet comment string on anything to do with the Lowcounty Economic Network to hear a familiar wrap: "Show us the jobs."

Well, the leaders of the network say they're sick of it and that there are plenty of jobs.

827, they say -- if you count the recent news out of Jasper.

But I'll point you over to The Island Packet for a rundown on the network's position and the criticism of it.

For some quick musing: Let's pick a number of, say, $40,000 per year in average income and multiply it by 827: That's just over $33 million per year in salary impact for the area, or $16.5 million if you don't want to not give the network credit for various job recruitments. 

Granted, a lot of discounts are often offered up to draw in those jobs -- still, it's an interesting number as the debate over buying the commerce park continues.

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