Weighing the future of a Jasper port with Savannah River dredging

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The forthcoming Post-Panamax ships are even bigger than this Maersk 958-foot behemoth.

You've likely heard that plans are under way to dredge harbors around the world for the next generation of mega cargo ships

Well the Savannah River is no exception and those backing a port for Jasper County are left weighing a delicate choice: Is what's good for everyone on the river good for them, or will trying to block the dredging be good for a Jasper port that's much closer to the river?

It's an issue that's just heating up and The Island Packet has a report with a bit of insight -- but oddly the copy on their website appears truncated, The State seems to have a full copy.

Moreover, concerns persist that the site for the Jasper port isn't well liked by the Army Corps of Engineers for its infrastructure needs, ground stability, or how using it would require finding a new location to dispose of dredged material. 

If you'd like to read the Army Corps of Engineers report on the proposed dredging of the river from 42 to 48 feet, read it here and get info on how to log public comments.

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