Here chicky, chicky, chicky: Port Royal considers allowing residential chickens (update: Add Irmo to the list)

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Updated August 17: Add the good people of Irmo to the list of those trying to win the right to raise chickens on their property. 

Odd that WSAV would post this and not cover Port Royal's proposal, but you can give it a read here.

Updated August 11: Well if you wanted to keep chickens as pets on your Port Royal property, sorry it's not going to happen.

Port Royal Town Council killed (yes a poor choice of words) its chicken proposal Wednesday night.

Read about it over in The Island Packet.

Updated August 8: The Island Packet has chimed in with a column on Port Royal's residential chicken ordinance.

To be honest we're not sure what the point of the column is, but we'll let you give it a read here.

Reported August 4: Who doesn't want to raise chickens on their property? 

Well me for one. But that doesn't mean others shouldn't be allowed to.

The Island Packet has a story on how the Town of Port Royal is considering an ordinance that would allow people to keep live chickens on their property.

Read it here.

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