Bill would bring $1 million towards Beaufort County Schools

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State Senator Tom Davis made good on his promise to start "education reform" to the state friday, pre-filing a bill which could bring over $1 million in appropriations to the county's school system. 

Senator Davis intends the bill to change the way the state calculates how funding moves from property taxes to school education coffers -- a formula that due to Beaufort County's relatively high property values leaves us with little money returning.

And an extra million dollars would be very welcome as the Beaufort County School District tries to close a $4 million funding gap.

But having received bi-partisan support for his efforts towards fixing the budget, Senator Davis told The Island Packet that he expects his bill to pass once it reaches the floor, and to finally start getting South Carolina's education system back on the right track.

For more information on the details of the bill, check out the Packet's story here.

The bill is co-sponsored by one other Republican and three Democrats, all from coastal counties except Nikki Setzler of Lexington.

You can read the bill online here.