And still more from the Ridgeland traffic camera saga (updated: AAA chimes in)

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Updated February 8: In the ongoing saga of Ridgeland's traffic cameras, now AAA Carolinas has chimed in.

The Island Packet has a report that AAA thinks Ridgeland should be allowed to use the controversial system.

Check out the Packet story here.

Updated February 4, Beaufort's role: While skirmishes run on a class action lawsuit, the battle over legality continues to run in the Statehouse. 

The Island Packet has penned a column about the latter of the two and the curious nature of Beaufort County lawmakers weighing in and if it makes sense that a private company should make money off tickets being issued; take a read here.

Updated January 27: A Senate subcommittee on Wednesday approved a bill outlawing Ridgeland's traffic camera system.

From reports out of Columbia, subcommittee hearings, which included an appearance from Ridgeland Mayor Gary Hodges, were quite tense.

Morris' Sarita Chourey has been offering great coverage of this out of Columbia, so we'll send you to her story here.

Updated January 26: Remember when we told you that state Rep. Shannon Erickson would be introducing a bill in support of the traffic camera system. Well that's been filed.

The Island Packet has a report on the proposed legislation here.

You also can read the full text of the bill here.

The Island Packet also has a follow-up report on the class-action suit that's been filed in connection with the cameras. Basically, the defending attorney claims that the lawsuit should be thrown out because those who filed have paid their fines, therefore admitting guilt. Read more on that here.

Reported January 22: The Island Packet has two stories this morning dealing with the Ridgeland traffic camera issue.

One is a look at how other states deal with the issue. You can check that out here.

The second story is a closer look at iTraffic, the company behind the Ridgeland cameras, and their hopes to expand.

You can check out that story here.

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