Former employee to sue Beaufort County (Update: Increased security after threat on man)

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Update May 11: In an interesting and unfortunate turn of events, an anonymous letter threatening the employee has prompted the Beaufort County Sheriff's department to send extra security to the man's house.

The letter was apparently unmarked and typed, and was believed to bear messages warning Torgdan against speaking out against other former employees. 

- Update by Luke Kerr-Dineen.

First Reported: Doug Trogdon, a local man who once worked in the County's engineering department, is suing his former employers for what he deemed to be "wrongful termination."

Officials, however, have responded quickly by saying that Trogdon's claims are unfounded, because he failed to followed the relevant grievance policies. Although Trogdon filed his claim on March 18, it is not expected to reach court until the end of the year or even at "the beginning of 2012," according to the man's lawyer.

Here's the Packet's story, and stay tuned for more on this issue as it develops.

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