Miller, Wilson campaigns getting muddier and muddier

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The Joe Wilson vs. Rob Miller battle for Congressional District 2 in S.C. has taken a turn for the muddier, yet again. 

The most recent back-and-forth is over Wilson's newest campaign ad in which he defends his Congressional trips to Afghanistan, the same trips that have led to an ethics investigation regarding how travel stipends were spent.

The latest dispute is over a portion of the ad that cites a story in The Hill describing the Republican incumbent's travel:

"While some members of Congress dedicated the entire summer to campaigning for re-election, Joe Wilson found himself dodging mortar attacks in Afghanistan," the story says.

You can read the full Associated Press story over this flap here.

Miller, a retired Marine, has of course turned around and criticized Wilson for portraying a "political junket" as active combat. 

Wilson's response?

"When you need to wear body armor and you're directed to a bomb shelter it's not a junket."

The (Columbia) State is reporting that Wilson will hold a rally in Columbia today supporting his position on "junket-gate."

With the Democrat Miller only down by 7 points, according to the most recent polling, it will be interesting to see what muddy turn this campaign takes next.

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