More legal haze in Ridgeland's photo speed tickets on I-95 (update: editorial)

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Remember all the fuss about Ridgeland's new cop-assisted traffic camera system that's been nabbing speeders on I-95?

Well the old issues remain about potential illegality due to laws written by the Legislature,  but now a new one has emerged about how Ridgeland isn't writing standard speeding tickets but "violations of town ordinance" and if they're trying to cut the state out of their cut in the ticket revenue.

The Island Packet has a story on the news; take a read here.

I won't ponder this one too much in this space other than to say between the Legislature saying you can't write tickets based solely on photo evidence, and then the town using a method that in the past has been frowned upon as it duplicates an existing state system for writing tickets, well, things get really hazy and the question arises: do two wrongs make a technical right in this scenario?

Whenever this one lands in court it will be interesting.

Update November 29, more thinking:

The Island Packet has penned a fairly concise editorial about just how many gray areas the town's camera ticket system is pushing into and how somehow we need to know if they town has crossed the line yet; take a read here.

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