New Census numbers could bring changes for Beaufort County voters

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The Island Packet published an article about the imminent release of 2010's Census numbers, and the changes they could usher in for Beaufort County voters.

According to the report, each precinct is not supposed to exceed 1,500 voters. Yet because of the state's population growth in the ten years since the preceding Census, some long over-due changes are needed to "better represent" voters in every precinct, according to Beaufort County Board of Voter Registration and Elections Scott Marshall.

As a result, the S.C. House of Representatives passed a bill last February that would split the Sun City area, which boasts over 3,000 registered voters, into three separate precincts, while the First Baptist Church of Bluffton and Chechessee voting areas could split into two.

Follow this link to read the Packet's article about the subject.

The story parallels a larger debate that looms in South Carolina over redistricting

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