Rehashing the 'facts' about noisy F-35 training for Beaufort

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Block the noise, not the facts.

Update November 10: Chair of the Military Enhancement Committee, retired Lieutenant General Garry L. Parks, has also seen fit to weigh in on the latest round of rumors.

Some are familiar (like the planes being loud or insurance dropped) and some are new to me (like allegations the Beaufort Chamber is receiving funds from Lockheed).

Take a read of his thought at The Beaufort Tribune.

First reporting September 27: In recent months there's been a large upswing in hand wringing over the possibility of F-35B fighter jet training coming to the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort and the levels of noise they would bring. 

Namely the concerns have been centered around low-flying F-35B's being four times as loud as F/A-18s currently at the base. 

Well, local John Rosenberg is mirroring sentiments form Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling and saying there needs to be calmer debate about this and, more vocally from Rosenberg, a look at some of the facts. 

It doesn't appear that Rosenberg is overtly in favor of the F-35Bs he does point out that many of the facts being used are not being fully interpreted -- such as the amount of flights from F-35s and how they'll be taking off. 

Read his letter at The Beaufort Tribune.

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