The other sting of hurricanes: Wind, hail insurance rates on the rise in Beaufort County

If you could insure Hunting Island beach, I certainly wouldn't want to pay the bill.

It seems as there is one thing scarier to Beaufort County residents than the threat of a hurricane this season — paying more for insurance.

The threat of a hurricanes is causing rises in the 10% range in home owners wind and hail insurance across much of coastal South Carolina as the S.C. Wind and Hail Underwriting Association raises rates.

However the good news is that Beaufort County, thanks to being statistically less likely to get smacked, isn't seeing as huge of hikes: Hilton Head is due to go up 8% and Lady's Island just 1%.

The Post and Courier has a well-written story with the big picture (read their story here), while WTOC 11's video picks up the local angle (watch that here.)

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