Too hot for Beaufort's horses

If only it were as cool as the photo above.

But it's not, which means Beaufort's horses need to stay off the street.

WSAV has a report here and the video below on the importance of keeping the horses safe. (The Island Packet also has a story here.)

Beaufort has rules about hight temperatures and when horses must be taken off the street.

Local company Southurn Rose Buggy Tours explains:

The City of Beaufort has a Tour Vehicle Coordinator who among other carriage related duties monitors the heat conditions.  The city has a global wet bulb machine, which is like the machine used on military bases to determine when heat conditions are at an unsafe level.  If the conditions are at an unsafe level, a level determined by a veterinarian at the time the carriage ordinances were first written, then we are informed that no tours may proceed until the heat conditions subside.  

This machine calculates the global temperature, which is the dry temperature, mixed with the humidity as well as other weather factors, clouds, breezes, heat radiating off pavement, buildings, ect. 

 The machine calculates all of these numbers into a formula and provides anumber not a degree at which we must shut down.  

The company also mentions that if you have concerns you can contact the Tour Vehicle Coordinator at (843) 322-7912.

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