Beaufort sees increase in SAT scores (updated)

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Updated September 14: Here's the Island Packet's report on SAT scores.

Reported September 13: The Beaufort County School District's average composite score on the SAT increased by 29 points from 2009 to 2010, while S.C. as a whole saw its second consecutive year of lower scores.

According to a report issued Monday by the S.C. Department of Education, Beaufort County's average composite score increased from 1386 in 2009 to 1416 in 2010. 

Jasper County's average composite score dipped 89 points from 1244 in 2009 to 1155 in 2010.

Beaufort High School saw its average composite score increase by 35 points to 1407 and Battery Creek's average score increased by 40 points to 1314.

S.C. as a whole saw its average score drop 2 points to 1443, while  the national average was 1497, up 3 points from last year. 

Lots of coverage to be had here and surely more to come. Right now check out the S.C. Department of Education press release here.

If you want to see how the scores break down by school and district you can download those reports here.

The AP has the initial report on the scores. Find that here.


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