Beaufort sees near-record lows

Flickr user mr_t_in_dc

If you're in Beaufort today you woke up to cold, cold temperatures and ice on nearly everything.

In fact, Beaufort likely dropped to a record-low overnight, though we're not sure quite yet if we hit that. The non-official read of this morning's low was 28 degrees at the air station. 

The official verdict will come much later today.

The record low in Beaufort for December 27 is 25 degrees, and we dropped down to that in 1983. Right now at 9:30 a.m. it's 32 degrees though it feels closer to 20 with the windchill.

Don't fret though, this cold won't continue for too long, and it looks like we'll be back up into the 60s by New Year's Eve.

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