Power back on for Beaufort residents after a long, hot night (update w/details)

Crews working on Ribaut Road on Monday morning

Updated June 21: So we got the details on the Sunday through Monday power outage in downtown Beaufort.

According to an SCE&G rep an old oak tree came down around 10 p.m. Sunday, knocking out power to about 745 customers. All but 172 customers had their power turned back on within 40 minutes, but those unfortunate 172 had to suffer the next nine, hot hours without any juice.

The SCE&G rep said crews worked around the clock to get things up and running.

Reported June 20: Word is a downed tree killed power for a number of South Carolina Electric & Gas customers along Ribaut Road Sunday night into Monday morning.

Unfortunately it happened on what was one of the hottest, muggiest nights of the year so far.

Crews still were working on Ribaut this morning, but power is back up for all customers.

We're waiting on a call back from an SCE&G rep to get specifics on what happened and how many people were without power.

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