S.C. House votes to pass more money to charter schools (updated: hurdles remain)

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Update February 24: Though the battle was won for charter school funding, many hurdles remain before the action is baked into policy.

The Post and Courier has a nice overview of those hurdles and more of the debate surrounding the matter; read it here.

First reporting February 23: The S.C. House of Represenatives this afternoon approved a bill aimed at providing  more money for the state's charter schools and essentially helping to facilitate the creation of more charter schools.

The bill passed through the house 85-32, according to state Rep. Shannon Erickson's post on Twitter.

The State had a nice roundup of the issue a couple of weeks back. You can check that out here. In essence this bill would allow charter schools to receive public tax dollars and not soley state funding. 

You can check out the roll call vote by clicking here, but as far as our  local reps go: Voting in favor of the bill were Reps. Erickson, Herbkersman and Patrick. Reps. Hodges and Brantley voted against the proposal.

This issue of course is relevant to Beaufort as it is home to one of the state's 11 charter schools.

The Island Packet had a recent report on how Riverview Charter School is seeing great popularity and success, with applications for admission way outpacing the number of seats available. 

You can read that article here.

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