Trident United Way cuts funding to Boy Scouts (update: response)

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Interesting story (or maybe column, we're not sure) in the Charleston Post & Courier this morning regarding the Trident United Way's decision to stop funding the Boy Scouts of America's local council. The council's coverage includes Beaufort.

According to the article, which you can find here, the United Way of the Lowcountry, which represents Beaufort and Jasper counties, has continued its funding of the council.


Trident has answered in a press release, saying in part, “Our donors expect us to invest in programs that demonstrate financial responsibility and measurably change people’s lives. The Boy Scouts couldn’t tell Trident United Way volunteers how much money it had received from us last year or what they were doing with the investment,” said Wayne Weart, a pharmacist at MUSC and volunteer chair of the committee that oversees the investments in programs dealing with education. “They also failed to deliver on a single one of their own mutually agreed-upon program outcomes.”

Check out the statement here.

Update August 12:

The two groups have pledged to work together.

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