Helping a cause by making connections

I love my job. I wake up each morning and realize that I get to do good everyday. This past week I had one of those bonus days.

I had a call from Anne Guthrie, the founder of the Little Red Dog Foundation. We just recently did a site visit with them at Beaufort Memorial Hospital’s Healthlink program. Through the therapy program at the hospital, Little Red Dog Foundation provides AmTryke therapeutic tricycles to children who have limited mobility. The foundation has been making an effort to provide the therapeutic tricycles to area schools so the school therapist can also use them during their work with the students and the students can have mobility on the playground with their peers.

Several months ago, Anne and I talked about the needs of Little Red Dog Foundation. They have no paid staff so she said she really needed some new board members with a variety of skills. I told her I would be on the lookout for some folks who might be a good match. Anne did not need me at all. At the site visit we met several of her new board members and she has been successful in putting a great team together. Still one piece was missing. She said they really need a graphic designer to do the design of their Christmas Card appeal for donations. I thought of Liz Chase. She and I worked together in the past and I know she is very talented and has a big heart. I called Liz and after sharing a little background on Little Red Dog, Liz was hooked. I feel like a successful matchmaker!

If the name Little Red Dog Foundation sounds familiar it would not surprise me. They partnered with the Independence Fund during the Lt. Dan Weekend to provide 13 military heroes with AmTryke therapeutic tricycles so they could participate in the Saturday morning bike ride and race.

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