Sanford vetoes carve out $1.5 million in S.C. arts funding

The South Carolina Arts Commission is on high alert after it noted S.C. Governor Mark Sanford's budget vetoes would mean the elimination of nearly $1.5 million in arts funding.

Read more stories on this subject in our vetoes topic page.From the commission's blog:

The governor has vetoed the bulk of the Arts Commission’s budget, effectively crippling the agency if the legislature does not override the veto. This cut eliminates all state funds for grants, programs and services and more than 70 percent of our personnel.

The cut also eliminates federal stimulus funds earmarked for grants to local arts organizations. The vetoed funds support arts curriculum and artist residencies in our schools; plays, concerts, dance performances and exhibitions in our communities; and thousands of jobs statewide.

These targeted cuts (veto #32 Statewide Arts Services, $1,212,733 and veto #105, ARRA funds, $250,000) will destroy the agency’s ability to fulfill its mission, leaving it with little more than an administrative shell lacking the resources to support the arts industry that benefits all the people of our state. If this concerns you, there are a variety of ways to reach your state legislators this week before the legislature reconvenes on Tuesday, June 15.

To override the vetoes requires a two-thirds vote when the Legislature returns on Tuesday, June 15.