Changes could require those with S.C. unemployment benefits to work, shorten benefits

Photo by flickr user clementine gallot

This week has shed light on possible changes coming to unemployment benefits that would lessen the number of weeks one could collect income.

South Carolina's unemployment agency is intending to alter the state's unemployment by altering the number of weeks an individual can collect a benefit may be reduced if he or she was let go from a job due to poor performance, attitude, or attendance.

Changes could also require recipients to accept a job at a lower pay rate than their previous employment.

Another initiative may require those receiving unemployment benefits to volunteer if they are unable to find a suitable job within six months.  Some of those volunteers could end up in public service, including the schools if their skill set is a good match and they pass the required security measures. 

Sound off.  How do you feel about these proposed changes?  It's easy, if you're not one of those who has experienced prolonged unemployment, to preach the need to pull in the reigns on handing out checks.  But if you are someone who receives benefits and has been diligent in finding a new job, how do you feel about being required to accept a position paying less or to volunteer? 

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