Legend of Alvin Greene surprise win used to kick off electronic voting documentary

When the unkown, non-honorably discharged military veteran Alvin Greene won the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat in South Carolina, it was simply shocking.

Now that surprise is being capitalized on by Jason Grant Smith in the documentarty "I Voted?" about non-trackable electronic voting systems used in South Carolina and many other states.

Rob Groce writes on Patch, in part: 

Instead, actor/writer/director Smith actually sought answers, which he’s now finalizing into a documentary titled “I Voted?

The movie, covering not just Greene’s surprising upset but the overall imposition of electronic voting machines, recently completed its filming and is now in the production phase.

Check out Groce's profile on the documentary over here, and watch the trailer up top. 

Expect the film in 2014.