The argument on why it's time for S.C.'s Ken Ard to go

As calls for South Carolina's Lt. Gov. Ken Ard to resign grow, Statehouse Report Publisher Andy Brack has joined the chorus with a column titled, "Time for Ard to do honorable thing."

In it, Brack details the myriad of woes that have befallen Ard and his alleged misuse of campaign funds to buy personal items like luxury hotel stays and iPads.

But the argument is not only that it's the right thing for Ard to step down, but that the scandal has wiped what little influence the little-influence job has (the joke in South Carolina is that the Lieutenant Governor is the Governor Lite). Brack says:

Regardless of whether Ard is indicted, now is the time for him to step down and deal with the problems brought on by his own naiveté and self-indulgence. If he continues as lieutenant governor, it would be in name only. His effectiveness and trustworthiness are toast.

Take a read of the full column here.

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