NMB Council Candidate "Thrown" from plane - lands on beach

North Myrtle Beach City council Candidate soars above her opponent (and the rest of the city) as she skydives with Skydive Myrtle Beach.

In an effort to bring out the vote for North Myrtle Beach's November 19th run-off election one candidate has gone to new heights.  Windy Hill Resident Nikki Fontana jumped from a plane and landed on the beach to a crowd of her supporters and a few shocked tourists. She was strapped to an experienced skydiver who set down gently on the sand.

"I reccomend everyone to do it." Fontana said after she landed.  Nikki said she was apprehensive but had confidence in the jumpmasters.

Skydive Myrtle Beach operates out of Grand Strand Airport - Commonly known as the North Myrtle Beach Airport.

Nikki must secure the majority of votes in a run-off election November 19th after receiving 50% of the ballots in the November 5th contest.

Visit her website http://nikkifontana.com/ or facebook https://www.facebook.com/fontananj

Skydive Myrtle Beach has been throwing people from planes since this summer. Look for them at http://www.mbskydiving.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/SkydiveMyrtlebeach

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