80th Reunion in the black box theater @ ARTworks

One night only! Sunday, May 6 at 3pm. All seats are $12. For more information, contact http://www.ArtWorksInBeaufort.org, 379-2787, and in person at 2127 Boundary Street, in Beaufort Town Center, along with KMart, the Beaufort Bookstore, and more conveniences. ARTworks is the community arts center in Beaufort, the coolest arts council in the Carolina, and applies the many creative tools of The Arts to strengthen artists, and enrich audiences, collectors, and visitors through high quality arts experiences and arts education programs 365 days a year.

80th Reunion: a comedy by Jim Herring ~ A Staged Reading in the black box theater @ ARTworks. "80th Reunion" is a parody of retirement living and the medical profession: We'll sell you health insuranceFirst swear you're never ill,And have such great endurance we'll never pay the billIf you have preconditions, like gasps or leaks or lame, Even in remission, we'll deny the claim...The playwright, Jim Herring, is a retired resident of Beaufort, and describes the play as "goofy and risque. It brings together all storts of things that wouldn't usually be put together— the definition of humor is the juxtaposition of things that don't belong together. There are scenes in a medical university, a love story because you need to break up humor a little bit, a bit of foolishness about activity buses." And much more. The Summerville Players, from right up the road in Summerville, are coming to Beaufort to perform this piece.  
Previous plays by Herring were produced at Yale, back when "there no women there, their roles were played by men, the hairier the legs the better." Herring moved to the Hermitage neighborhood a year ago, because of the "salt spray and the heavy humidity! We thought about it for years, and decided if we're really going to retire again, let's get on water, there's so little in Charleston and so much here. I wanted to be where there's more artistic endeavors, there's all all sorts of things happening in Beaufort." Glad he noticed.  

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