New reality TV show: What if all the women left Yemassee? (update: WTOC video coverage)

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Update: The show has an air date.

Update August 11: With the women back in town, WTOC decided to head up to Yemassee to catch up with them. 

You can give the piece a read here and check out the video above.

Update August 7: The women are back!

They returned yesterday in fact. 

We'll shoot you over to a report out of Hampton on how happy all the men were to see their wives again. To be honest the elation seemed rather tempered.

Who knows, this whole thins is just too odd.

Update August 1: We already told you it's happening, and now the woman have gone.

On Sunday more than 100 women departed Yemassee for a week to find out what would happen "The Week the Women Went."

The Island Packet has an update and a photo of the women hauling out; take a gander here.

Good to hear they left using a train, very fitting for the town's history.

Update July 5: The hush-hush word is, the town has been picked.

First reporting March 25, prior updates at the bottom: What if all Yemassee's women just left? That's right, just picked up and left!

That's what a BBC Worldwide production crew might find out if they like what they find while on a casting call out at Yemassee this weekend.

OK, let me explain. 

BBC Worldwide has the production rights to create a local version of a European-based show that basically asks the question: What would happen if all of the women left a community for a week?

Here's the website's overview of the show:

The Week the Women Went is an ambitious, observational series that tracks a social experiment in which women volunteer to leave their community for a week, to see how the men cope with looking after the kids, cooking, cleaning and supporting the community without them.

So BBC crews are traveling around to different towns throughout the country to select which should have all of its women sent on vacation. You can see coverage of BBC's arrival in a small North Carolina town here.

The BBC casting crew will be up in Yemassee tomorrow and Sunday to see if the small town has what it takes.

The crew will enjoy Harold's Country Club off U.S. 17 at 7 p.m. Saturday and a block party at 2 p.m. Sunday near Yemassee Town Hall.

Update May 2: The Island Packet has followed up on Friday's meeting with a report that has additional details on what's happening and how Yemassee might be picked.

It sounds like we can expect to know if the show's picked the town by June.

Read the report here.

Update April 29: Looks like Yemassee's reality TV dream is going smooth so far. 

Today, April 29, the town is being asked to come over to town hall at 6 p.m. to meet producers of "The Week The Women Went." has a short blurb on the news.

Update April 17: So far, so good. The Island Packet reports that Yemassee is looking a likely pick, having made it into the top three. Get the latest update over here.

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