Olivera's memorial service held as family, community mourns (update: funeral report, new management)

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Update December 31: Today Olivera's funeral was held as friends and family members said goodbye.

WASV was there and has nice report; watch it here.

Meanwhile a posted note has gone up at the entrance to Edgefield (photo below,) the neighborhood of the tragic shooting, that states a new property management service has been hired, Coastal Community Association Management run by Pat Hancock

The shooting had left a major rift between the Edgefield Neighborhood Association and its old management firm, IMC Resort Services, as to who was responsible for hiring Pro Tow -- and thus who would be most liable in event of a civil suit.

First reporting: On Thursday a memorial service was held for Carlos Alberto Olivera following his tragic Christmas Eve death at the hand of Pro Tow owner Preston Oates.

While the family didn't have any comment for the media, Bluffton Today has a report from the service and the public words spoken; take a read here.

Olivera's funeral service will be today, December 31.

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