Police defend arrest pace in Oates-Olivera shooting; Memorial details emerge

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In the immediate aftermath of Carlos Alberto Olivera's Christmas Eve death many were shocked that his shooter, Pro Tow owner Preston Oates, was not charged for two days.

It's an issue that Beaufort County police are finally responding to and defending.

The Island Packet has some reporting on that and the funeral and memorial arrangements for Olivera this week; take a read here.

When WSAV chatted with Beaufort County Sheriff PJ Tanner about the pace of arresting Oates, Tanner also talked about how police are examining Oates' online activities; watch their video here

And if you haven't yet seen his MySpace page, it's worth a look.

Meanwhile Bluffton Today has some reporting on the possibility that Oates could be charged with Murder at his bond hearing on January 24, and the paper has a brief mention of a rift growing between the Edgefield homeowners association and the property management company; take a read here.

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