Softshell crabs (lots of them) coming back to Port Royal April 23 (update: today!)

Image provided by the Old Village Association of Port Royal

Update April 21: Today's the big day.

If you don't yet have your appetite ready, scroll down to the bottom to get primed on Saturday's big event and The Island Packet has also published a nice 101 primer.

Oh and if you have one of those sweet collapsible canvas chairs, bring it. This is a hang out for the afternoon type of fest. And don't forget that you can join with the cool kids and tag your tweets with #BftEats and/or#SoftShellPR

Update April 9: While the festival is still a couple weeks off the season is here and The Island Packet has snagged a great photo of a crab mid-molt. 

For those of you who don't know, soft-shell crabs are crabs that have recently sledded their old shell and are thus "soft shell." 

Well, check out this photo of what it looks like when that happens — see that photo here, and be sure to mouse over the photo for the caption and to see it bigger and read the caption.

First reporting: The Old Village Association of Port Royal is hosting its 8th annual “Softshell Crab Festival” on Paris Avenue in the Town of Port Royal.

Aimed to highlight "Port Royal Town’s unique flavor and its businesses," the event is being held from noon to 5 p.m. on April 23. Attendance for the festival is free of charge and those wishing to be a vendor can do so by filing out and submitting this application.

For more information, head to the event website.

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