Storm Beryl forms east of Charleston, could bring much rain to Lowcountry

Beryl's erratic forecast path as of 11 p.m. Friday.

Update: Get the updated forecast.

With sustained winds of 45 mph, a weather system centered due east of Charleston has become Subtropical Storm Beryl — and current models suggest that Beryl will bring much moisture to the Lowcountry late this Memorial Day weekend.

(Why is it being called a "subtropical storm"? Generally that's when the formation of the storm isn't typical, likely with strong winds and storms further from the storm's center.)

The storm's expected pattern is rather erratic at the moment and watchers should expect the anticipated path to change much — but current suggestions suggest the storm could hit with tropical storm force winds near Jacksonville on late Sunday before hooking back across Savannah on Tuesday with a tropical-depression like conditions.

However, despite the poor timing of the storm with holiday plans, the storm could bring much rain to drought-ridden Georgia and South Carolina without too-devastating winds.

Beryl is clearly one to watch, and we'll keep you updated.

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