Stroller Strides Provides Motivation To Spring Into Fitness With A Free Class: Fitness franchise for mothers opens a new location in Port Royal

380 Mom's Workout BuddyAt the first signs of Spring, many new moms will emerge from their winter
hibernations ready to resume outdoor workouts and reverse recent indulgences in
cold-weather comfort foods. But a foray into post-baby fitness following a
seasonal hiatus does require some major mom motivation.  Stroller Strides
Beaufort is offering classes five days a week to help moms "spring" back into
good health -- and stick with it. Stroller Strides can help make the challenge
of fitness more enjoyable.
"Stroller Strides offers a great combination of
getting fit after the baby while enjoying the support of other moms experiencing
the newness, joys and challenges of motherhood," said Aaron Schranz, owner of
Stroller Strides of Beaufort.

Stroller Strides is a unique fitness program for new moms incorporating both
the baby and stroller. In 60 minutes, you will get a total body workout
improving your cardiovascular endurance, your strength and your flexibility.
Along with walking and jogging, Stroller Strides uses the environment as a gym
by doing intervals of body toning using exercise tubing and the stroller.

"Having a group of parents who are going through the same amazing and
exhausting experience of living with a baby is so important," said Schranz. "If
you have a great support system, everything else, including fitness, is so much

On March 1st at 9:30am Stroller Strides Beaufort will begin
offering classes at Naval Heritage Park in Port Royal. To celebrate the newest
location a free sport bottle will be given to the first 10 moms to arrive.
Following the FREE 60 minute workout, there will be a playgroup, refreshments,
and lots of raffle prizes.

Stroller Strides will continue to hold classes in Pigeon Point Park every
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30am and in Naval Heritage Park every Tuesday
and Thursday at the same time. "It’s always exciting when we open a new
location. It provides an opportunity to offer the program to even more moms in
Beaufort,” said Schranz. For more information on Stroller Strides Beaufort,
please contact Aaron Schranz at 843-379-1039.

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