Talking about common habits that can sabotage your dental health with Beaufort Family Dentistry

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Brush your teeth twice a day? Check. Floss daily? Try to. Get dental cleanings at least twice a year? Of course!

Yet there are some common habits that might be sabotaging your dental health. Some are obvious no-no’s, while one or two might make you say ‘ick’ out loud!

Bottom line: There’s a strong connection between healthy teeth and gums and your overall health. So we asked Richard Porcelli, DDS, from Beaufort Family Dentistry for his "What Not to Do" list, for maintaining a healthy mouth:

  • If you're a chronic tooth-picker, be aware that toothpicks can be very damaging, and your habit will erode your tooth’s enamel.
  • Tongue rings and piercings can chip your teeth.
  • Don’t ever share toothbrushes. It’s tempting, especially when you don’t have your own and you think, “Just this one time cannot hurt…” But bacteria can be easily transferred in the process.
  • Tart, tasty and satisfying – yet sucking on lemons and limes wears away the enamel. Try to avoid this habit if you can.
  • Like to chew things like sugar cane, pen caps, or ice? Don’t! They’re all bad habits.
  • Sipping sugary drinks or eating candy throughout the day is very bad for your teeth. But if you’re going to have sugary drinks or eat candy, try to do so with your meals. (And brush soon afterwards, of course!)

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