What to do with the old Beaufort rail depot?

Flickr user Scott M Duncan

Update October 18: It looks like the answer about what to do with the old Beaufort Depot at the center of the The Spanish Moss Trail won't be coming any time soon.

There are questions about the future ownership of the property making any substantial investment in the structure unlikely.

I'll point you to Erin Moody's report at The Island Packet for the update.

Meanwhile, the a section of the trail is already seeing use and a soft opening is due November 20.

First reporting: With limited funding in place the former Port Royal Railroad will soon start seeing a transformation into the The Spanish Moss Trail, and with those hikers and bikers comes added economic interest.

Questions such as: how can the old depot off Depot Road be converted to use? 

That chapter is only getting started, but I'll point you to a brief at The Island Packet for a taste of the thoughts.

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