Slow Days In International Cricket


The world has seen a lot of cricket in the last few months. It all started with the Cricket world Cup where all of the top cricket teams from all over the world came head to head against each other. The tournament was epic with teams making the spots in the next stages of the tournament in the most dramatic manners. The world cup was an ultimate treat that the fans could get, plus we also saw the associate nations in action and they proved that they will do great if they are given chances in the next tournaments over the years. At the end it all came down to a match between Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand with their better record at the World Cup were the favorites but defeating the Australian team in their home ground proved to be impossible for Australia.

After that it was time for the World Famous tournament Indian Premier League which was broadcasted all over the world from India. This league was one of the best of its kind. This year’s Indian Premier League proved that there is no counterpart to it. This league has the mightiest amount of action, glamour and stardom. All of the world’s top cricketers are seen in action on field and off field. Off field these cricketers are found hanging out with their fellow teammates and the Bollywood stars. All top stars from Bollywood such as Shahrukh Khan and Pretty Zinta are seen posing next to players like Chris Gayle and Virat Kohli. India loves Indian Premier League and so does the rest of the world.

After these tournaments there has been a very small amount of cricket. There have been many matches of the leading Asian teams washed out. Matches being held in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have been washed out in the recent days. Now cricket fans are becoming more and more desperate for some cricket and they will get to watch some cricket soon and when they get to watch it they will be looking forward to bet on it. To place bets they could visit marathonbet and there they could place all sorts of cricket bets. Finding a betting website that has all types of sports and bets related to those sports listed on it is quite hard. Visiting Marathonbet one of the best solutions to this problem it give you all that you need to bet on one single page.