The 2013 and 2014 mother of the wedding sexy dress

But now back to Martina and Manuel. After the ceremony in the church in Jonah the newlyweds their numerous guests invited to a drinks reception at the church. The weather could not be better - it was really hot summer in early August. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that many guests were shady places under the Sonnenschrimen. Cooling promised then the subsequent trip on the boat from which the couple does not know yet. And they had to earn the two. Especially Manuel, this had to work. Because first needed / he was allowed to drive Martina in a rickshaw to the boat harbor. Of course, even that one or the other have waited for the two on the way there.


On the one hand there is always something to photograph for me a strange feeling when people cry. Because this is a very intimate moment well for all of mother of the wedding sexy dress. Every time I put my camera on the crying people and that this notice is to me quite frankly a little uncomfortable. On the other hand, lives in my opinion, only really after a photo-reportage of these emotional moments. But if someone tells me non-verbally, that he does not want to be photographed, I respect the course.


With the risk that I'm repeating myself again and again - but: I love my job. In whatever job you may otherwise spend wedding shoes on a Schnellbot on Lake Zurich and the rain and head of it? This is exactly what I was at the wedding of Martina and Manuel in Rapperswil-Jona.


Since the two einliefen to church together and thus already saw before, I suggested prior to photograph the "First Look". "No, not again an American trend," Now maybe some of you might think. Yes, first looks are celebrated mainly in North America. That's that. But in my opinion these have the full authorization. Finally, there is always the moment when looks are a married couple for the first time. And why should we not allowed to take photos on this emotional and absolutely unique moment? Finally, it is an absolute key moment when Man (n) for the first time see his bride or groom. And if you look at these plus size cocktail dresses many years later, that special feeling is the same high return. For this reason I always recommend that I can be discreet as a photographer in the background there. Trend or not ...